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A few of the artist’s things seem to suggest that they have a suffering that the artist cannot express, or that the artist sees sufferings that they are unable to describe so they try and do it through their art.
The one that has the light female and the dark male (I think it says postwar?) seems to have a ying-yang feel, but instead of dark standing for cool, dark, feminine or submissive, it stands for secrets and introversion. The light seems to stand for purity and peace instand of male aggression (white like a dove).
Also the style that is used suggests that the paintings mean something/represent something other than just paintings, like the artist paints intense emotions or emotions that are being felt immediately instead of stopping and looking at a past, dulled emotion or “pretty things”.
The artist also seems to want to impress to an extent, but not the average onlooker. It seems almost as if the artist is trying to prove something to himself or as if the artist is trying to impress a close family member/ someone who has encouraged the artist.

thank you so much. i’d liked to know what you think about the fact that almost every painting is a portrait of a men, young men. also about their position on the space and their actions, like smoking and the eyes shut.

The eyes shut thing definitely caught my eye, as did the hands over various parts of the face (e.g. mouth, eyes). If the paintings were of older men, I would say that there was a missing father figure or very dominate mother figure at home, but the age may suggest that the paintings are projections or portrayals of what the artist wants to be. It could also represent a lover/longing for a certain person or an ideal of what they want that person to be. The artist may also be trying to hold onto a dream figure, maybe one that shows up regularly (which may explain the mundane things such as smoking or sleeping.

The fact that the artist does see the person sleeping and laying in different positions (e.g. across a bed) leans more toward the interpretation of lover, muse, or dream figure rather than a portrayal of one wants to be however.

(also I really like this one idk it really shows emotion and stuff and it’s really thought provoking. it makes one wonder the feelings the artist/subject were feeling at the time of the captured moment)

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